Terms & Conditions Overview

You are liable for our products from the time they leave our warehouse until the time we receive them back from you. Please read the terms and conditions carefully in our Rental Agreement carefully

View and Print our Rental Agreement .

  • Rental Term – We allow one day before your rental and one day after for pick up and return of your order.

  • Rental Payment  Payment is due at time of pick up or shipment. We take all major credit cards. Any other payment arrangements must be discussed before the rental execution.

  • Picking Up Your Order – Our normal hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Special hours can be arraigned with prior discussion and additional charges.

  • Shipping Your Order  C&M can ship all items from our warehouse in Atlanta GA. You can also arrange to have your own carrier pick up as well. We need to know who will receive the order and the address where they will accept the order. You are also responsible for returning the order back to our warehouse by your return date. Return the shipment to our warehouse. C&M Backdrops 1222 Logan Circle NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 – 404-355-1415

  • Backdrop Care – You are responsible for the care and condition of your order. Most of our backdrops are hand painted artwork; replacement and repair costs can be high. If you intend to use them in a potentially “Dirty” environment, please be prepared with additional ground cover as to protect our property. You will be billed for any cleaning, and repair required due to your mishandling of the items.

  • Hanging Your Backdrop – You will need to have a way to support your rented backdrop. If you are not sure how to do this, Please call us to discuss before making definite plans.

  • Folding And Rolling On Return – Muslins are folded and Canvas’s are rolled, Please take care when folding your Muslin rental on return, please fold it as it was received. When rolling a canvas be sure to do so without creasing the fabric, it can be a little tricky it may take a few tries to get it right. A little care goes a long way to preserving the quality of the backdrop for items next user.

  • Late Returns -  If you return the your rental to us after the due date specified on your order, you agree to pay us a late fee equal to: $40 per day per item.

  • Cancellations  We do not charge to reserve a backdrop, as long as you are the only one interested for a particular time period. If we have a second request for the same, you will be given first priority to confirm and pay a $100 per week, non refundable, reservation fee. Fee will be applied to the rental cost.